Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) / 新加坡国际学生入学考试

We provide enrichment and after school programme in English and Maths to prepare your child for the Primary 2 and 3 AEIS Examination to enter Singapore public schools.

Call +65-82890128 or Email for details.


新加坡国际学生入学考试 (AEIS)


籍学生,专门设立了学余时间的数学和英语强化辅导课程,教师团队经验丰富,对孩子认真负责,通过系统化的辅导,可以大大提高学生的学习效率和入学成功率,欢迎家长来电咨询。Call +65-82890128 or Email for details.

Testimonial from a YPS student

Testimonial from a YPS student

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