Singapore Education System

Singapore provides excellent education opportunities for international students. Singapore Education System adopts a flexible approach to allow students to develop their potential to the fullest. Singapore offers internationally recognised school system which features a unique and effective bilingual policy.

Pre-School and Primary schools

The early years are crucial for children’s holistic development. Pre-school are for children aged 4 to 6 years old. Pre-school education provides children with opportunities to build self-confidence, learn social skills and develop learning disposition. Primary Schools, public or private, in Singapore are part of the school system administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Primary Education comes in two stages: 4-year foundation stage from Primary 1 to 4, and 2-year orientation stage from Primary 5 to 6. The overall aim of primary education is to give students a good grasp of English language, Mother Tongue, Mathematics and Science.

At the foundation stage, the core curriculum comprising English, the Mother Tongue and Mathematics are taught, with supplementary subjects such as Music, Art & Craft, Physical Education and Social Studies.  Science is included from Primary 3. At the end of Primary 6, students sit for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).

Foreign students who wish to seek admission into Primary 2-5 are eligible to take part in Admission Exercise for International Students (AEIS). We facilitate foreign students who wish to seek admission into Primary 1.


AEIS: Admission Exercise for International Students
S-AEIS: Supplementary Admission Exercise for International Students

The Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) is a centralised admissions exercise conducted by MOE around September or October each year for new international students who wish to join our mainstream primary and secondary schools in January of the following year.

AEIS consists of a centralised test on English and Mathematics. Applicants who pass the test will be offered a place in a suitable school, based on availability of school vacancies, their test performance and their declared address in Singapore.

International students who are unable to make it for AEIS and / or are unsuccessful in previous AEIS attempts can take part in the Supplementary Admission Exercise for International Students (S-AEIS) in February.

The exercise is for new international students seeking admission into Primary 2-5 and Singapore schools generally do not admit students directly into Primary 6.

Age Requirement for Admission into Government Primary Schools

Ministry of Education does not recommend admission to levels where international students will be more than two years older than their classmates.

Level Permissible Age Range
(as at 1st January of year of Admission)
Primary 1 6 to 8+
Primary 2 7 to 9+
Primary 3 8 to 10+
Primary 4 9 to 11+
Primary 5 10 to 12+
Primary 6 New students are generally not admitted at this level.

Foreign System Schools / International Schools

International student can also study in an International Schools / Foreign System Schools in Singapore. These schools maintain their respective country’s education system.  These include Singapore American School, Australian International School, United World College of South East Asia etc.  Though these schools have their own education curriculum, they are recognised by MOE.

Private Schools

Private schools, or Private Education Institutes (PEIs), add diversity to the nation’s education landscape. All Private Education Institutions that intend to enrol international students are required to have an EduTrust certification. Private schools determine their own curriculum and provide more options for students

An example of privately-managed school in Singapore :

  • San Yu Adventist School


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