What our program provides



This progressive course is designed to equip and reinforce understanding of how the English Language operates. Our integrated materials are easy to follow, meaningful and stimulating. It ensures proper understanding gearing children towards mastery of concepts thus developing independent learners.

Course content: Level 1 to 6

  • Grammar Understanding and Usage
  • Comprehension and Composition
  • Oral Development



Our progressive course is designed to help children to understand mathematical terms and concepts gearing towards developing the ability to compare and solve problems. We coach and train children to break down a problem into components, solving each step systematically. Our course provides the practical use of mathematics concepts to make learning mathematics interesting and meaningful thus building effective learners.

Course content: Level 1 to 6

  • Understanding and applying Mathematical Concepts




This course provokes children’s interest to appreciate the practical application of science to the world around them. We progressively prepare children with a systematic arrangement of teaching materials using attractive layout and clear illustrations that make learning easy. Many charts and tables will help children recall and retain essential facts. This course sparks interest and children will be drawn to learn Science, nurturing curious minds.

Course content: Level 1 to 6

  • Study of Science

Chinese/Malay/Tamil Language

In preparatory stage


“The values of diligence, perseverance and spirit of enquiry permeate our curriculum.”