Student Life While on Homestay

Singapore is a cosmopolitan city with a population of approximately 5.5 million. In Singapore, you will find a diverse population of Chinese, Malay, Indian and other races, covering a wide spectrum of religion, cultures, and languages, living harmoniously together. Singapore is safe with low crime rates and has high standards of living. Singapore offers international students an ideal environment for studying.

Cost of Living

In comparison to western countries, the cost of living here is relatively low, and basic items like food and clothing are reasonably priced.

Our own service fees includes the following items:

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Utilities
  • School fees (MOE or Private schools only)
  • Enrichment classes fees
  • Broadband Internet Connection
  • Public Transport
  • Books & Stationery
  • Medical / Hospitalisation Insurance
  • Facilitate in applying for student’s pass and admission to educational institution

Meals, Laundry and Housekeeping

Our homestay accommodations provide students with full meals and daily laundry. Students are offered a ‘Home Away From Home’ environment with spacious rooms that provide a quiet and relaxing environment for study. Laundry will be collected once a day.  The housekeeper will wash them in the washing machine.  The clothes will then be ironed and be ready for the next day, if weather permits. Except Sunday & Public Holidays, housekeeping is done daily to maintain high standard of general hygiene and cleanliness.

Spacious Air-conditioned Rooms

Each accommodation has three to four rooms. Each room can accommodate 2 – 3 students. No more than 5 students will be sharing a homestay accommodation.

The single-size beds come with comfortable spring mattresses. All rooms are equipped with study tables, study lamps, chairs, and wardrobe for cosy living environment. Bathrooms are provided with cold and hot water showers.

The rooms are air-conditioned to control the humidity and temperature. There is no limit in the air-conditioning usage.

Photo of our homestay rooms

Photo of our homestay rooms

Daily meals and food

The meals are served at dining room three times daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The meals are mostly local food.

Free Unlimited Wi-Fi Internet access

The accomodations are equipped with broadband wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) to facilitate learning.

Other Amenities

  • common living room and TV
  • common kitchen
  • common study & tuition corners
  • free local calls
  • daily newspaper
  • standard toiletries such as tissue rolls

Guardianship Services

Homestay@YPS Center believes in providing proper guardianship to students from different age groups. General guardianship services included:

  • airport pick-up
  • new students are given orientation to get familiar with Singapore
  • the guardians take special care of students whenever they become sick
  • encouraging students to be supportive of one another
  • clean and safe homestay living
  • appropriate house rules in place to safeguard student’s safety and well-being

Education Matters

Our guardians at Homestay@YPS Center provide proper academic advice to students from different age groups.

  • Special attentions are given to primary school going students seeking admission to Singapore Government schools. This includes providing enrichment courses and assisting the students in preparing them for Ministry of Education centralized admission tests. (AEIS & S-AEIS)
  • We as guardians will assist children to select the most suitable school.
  • We act as legal guardian for the students. Guardians will monitor the students’ school progress and feedback will be given to the parents.
  • We help in selecting qualified and suitable enrichment programmes for the students.
  • We assist in applying for a student’s pass.

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